SQUALIO Becomes Autorhorized Applause Partner in Latvia


Company to provide globally-resourced in-the-wild app testing and  360° app quality tools to Latvia and the Baltic region

Latvia, September 24, 2014 – DPA’s advanced technology center – SQUALIO – has signed on as an authorized reseller partner with Applause, the 360° app quality™ company. SQUALIO will bring Applause’s app quality tools and testing services to Latvia and other Baltic countries. The move means Baltic companies of all size now have unprecedented access to Applause’s resources to launch high-quality software and apps.

Launched in 2008 as uTest, Applause is the world’s leading in-the-wild testing company. Applause utilizes a global community of more than 150,000 professional testers, from 200 countries and territories, who test applications under real-world conditions across devices, OSes, browsers, carriers and locations. The result is that companies can be sure that their apps work as intended in the hands of users when launched.

This type of testing is necessary in today’s global apps economy, where users decide which apps, brands and businesses win, and which ones lose. Only by testing apps in the wild can companies be sure that they are delighting customers. Applause has the largest capability in the world to test apps this way. Now, through this partnership with SQAULIO, companies in Latvia and throughout the Baltic region have access to these testing services and app quality tools.

Applause customers include Google, Amazon and Concur, plus thousands more. The company was recently featured in Forbes Magazine. The company dramatically enhanced its presence in the EU in May of 2014.

DPA Advanced technology center SQUALIO board member Sandis Kolomenskis shared his thoughts on becoming an Applause Reseller Partner: “I am pleased at the opportunity of signing on as a reseller partner with Applause. This will allow our company to increase the diversity of testing services offered. This partnership will also provide the possibility for developers of information systems in the Baltics to test their systems with competencies that have not been previously available. Testing is more important than ever in this current era of threats to cyber-security, when developers must be on top of things for all of their offered applications. This partnership will enable us to help Baltic companies to be secure in both operational continuity and protection of information."

As part of the cooperation between DPA Advanced technology center SQUALIO and partner organization Applause, Torsten Mayer from Applause EU (Germany) will visit Latvia on September 25th, when the TAPOST (Theory and Practice of Software Testing) conference organized by the Latvian IT Cluster is to take place in Riga.

During last year's TAPOST conference, Crowd-sourced testing and Applause (then under the name uTest) were mentioned as part of a discussion on the future of testing.

SQUALIO is inviting anybody who is interested in software testing and its latest tendencies to attend the Applause presentation “Making sure your Apps Work in the Real World:  In-The-Wild Testing with a Global, Professional Community” during the TAPOST conference on September 25th at the Riga Technical University.


SQUALIO is a DPA Advanced technology center that offers the outsourcing of software testing, employee training, and consultations in the field of software quality and that also develops unique high-technology solutions. The company is certified by the International Software Testing Qualification Board (ISTQB) with gold partner status. The founders of "SQUALIO" are the University of Latvia and the Latvian technology company DPA in cooperation with IBM.

About Applause

Launched in 2008 as uTest, Applause is leading the app quality revolution by enabling companies to deliver digital experiences that win - from web to mobile to wearables and beyond. By combining in-the-wild testing services, software tools and analytics, Applause helps companies achieve the 360° app quality they need to thrive in the modern apps economy. Thousands of companies - including Google, Fox, Amazon, Box, Concur and Runkeeper - choose Applause to launch apps that delight their users. For more information, visit www.applause.com and www.applause.de.

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