Microsoft 365 security assessment

Microsoft 365 is a cloud-based suite of tools that streamlines workflows, enhances collaboration, and boosts business productivity. However, the rapidly evolving digital landscape brings cybersecurity threats that can compromise data and disrupt operations. To safeguard your digital assets, assessing and optimizing your Microsoft 365 environment is crucial. M365 security assessment will evaluate your environment and prepare an actionable, prioritized recommendation list. 

Your business challenges

Fast-changing security requirements and landscape

Security policies, best practices and regulations are changing continuously to be able to counteract modern security threats. First you need to know them and then be compliant.

Lack of awareness of the security controls and risks

While vendors like Microsoft are actively working to provide more secure solutions, it is not easy to find out all the available security features that have been released and implementing them usually is even harder.

Provide secure solutions that enhance user experience in daily work

The challenge has always been there – how to enhance security levels in an organization without affecting user productivity.

Our Solution

The Microsoft 365 Security Assessment offers a comprehensive overview of your existing Microsoft 365 environment. This assessment identifies security misconfigurations and unused platform features that can enhance your security posture while improving user experience.

Depending on the size and complexity of your organization, the assessment typically takes 4–6 weeks to complete. The process begins with a kick-off meeting, followed by technical interviews and configuration reviews. Once all configuration details are analyzed, we prepare an assessment report.

The Microsoft 365 security assessment covers the following components of the platform (but not limited to):

The Microsoft 365 security assessment covers the following components of the platform (but not limited to):

  • Admin accounts and password policies
  • Multi-factor authentication for Entra ID (previously Azure AD)
  • Auditing configuration and reports
  • External communication setup for Teams
  • Teams security configuration
  • SharePoint and OneDrive External sharing report
  • Exchange Online configuration, including mailbox delegation, auto forward rules, calendar sharing, and mailbox auditing
  • Assigned licenses
  • Entra ID and Active Directory Hybrid
Your benefits and deliverables

Your benefits and deliverables

  • Holistic Overview: gain a complete understanding of your Microsoft 365 environment, identifying security misconfigurations and unused features.
  • Enhanced Security: utilize the identified platform features and misconfigurations to strengthen your security posture.
  • Improved User Experience: implement security controls without compromising usability. 
  • Expert Insights: leverage our expertise to identify and mitigate potential risks.



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