Cybersecurity made simple

Modern IT environments continue to get more complex

Modern IT environments continue to get more complex, but your IT security doesn’t have to. From network to endpoint to server security, Sophos products are designed to eliminate complexity.

Security shouldn’t slow you down. Sophos works to make deployment, setting policy, and clean-up easy. Sophos gives you protection wherever you need it: computers, laptops, mobile devices, virtual desktops and servers, as well as your network, and your web and email gateways. Industry analysts such as Gartner recognize Sophos as a market leader for malware protection, data security, and network security.

Network protection

Sophos network security products include rewall, Wi-Fi, VPN, web, and email protection. You’ll have complete control over the security features you need all in one place. Plus, UTM (unified threat management) is easy to deploy and manage so your users are always protected, wherever they roam.

Enduser & server

From PCs to smartphones, tablets and laptops, our endpoint protection keeps your users safe without getting in the way of their work—all within your antivirus budget.

Sophos central

Sophos Central is the cloud-based uni ed management console that allows you to manage all your Sophos products from a single interface. It enables the Synchronized Security platform to share endpoint and network security status data through the Security HeartbeatTM. In addition, Sophos Central lets partners manage multiple customer installations from a single, intuitive interface. Making it easier to respond to alerts, manage licenses, and track upcoming renewal dates.

Synchronized security

By automating threat discovery, investigation, and response, Synchronized Security revolutionizes threat detection. Incident response times are reduced exponentially and tactical resources can be refocused on strategic analysis. The Sophos Security HeartbeatTM is a cybersecurity system that enables your defenses to be more coordinated than the attackers.

The all new intercept X

Unmatched Next-Gen Endpoint Potection

Sophos has deployed Intercept X to more than 10,000 endpoints. Since deployment, it has stopped upwards of 2,500 ransomware attacks and it had zero ransomware infections.

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