What is the average cost for data protection specialist services?


The cost of data protection specialist services is not stated in the normative acts. Also, there is no average market price. Each data protection specialist sets their own price, considering the amount of work and responsibilities.

What is the difference between hiring a data protection specialist full time or outsourcing this to a company or a person?

When hiring an employee, you need to close an employment contract. The data necessary for closing it are all the data without which the contract would not enter into force, e.g. name, surname, ID number, bank account, etc.

A person does not have to agree to processing such data because the processing occurs based on necessity. In this specific case a company is a data controller.

When handing over such data for processing to another company (outsourcing), the company becomes a data processor. The data controller has to define the need for handing over data. Another point for consideration: a data controller has to make sure that the chosen data processor follows the terms of the Regulation and that data processing will be carried out safely. Thus, an important precondition for handing over such data between a data controller and a data processor is a written contract.