Cloud – fits a bill!

Cloud is probably one of the mature trend in IT. That has been a very transformative journey for our customers and us at the past decades. Now users expect a more cloud-like experience – quicker deployment, lower up-front fees with lower and more predictable ongoing expenses. Users want to be up and running quickly without relying on internal IT resources and they like assurance of always working with the latest and most up-to-date version.

Cloud Competence Center

Squalio Cloud Competence Centre is all around deepening our Cloud expertise excellence and set of services, change the culture of software acquisition by transforming it easy accessible and fun journey for people all over the world.

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If you need assistance or full performance of software installation, deployment or adoption for your special business needs, our talents will cover that quickly.


Weather you need to train your employees on how to increase performance efficiency or practice of your IT department on tool administration, we are here to help.


Sometimes things don’t act like we imagined. Don’t waste your time finding the problem – call us 8365 and we will be your trusted advisor in IT related questions.