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According to Gartner*, I&O leaders can cut spending for software licenses by up to 30%. So if you’re just starting on this cost-cutting program and picking a shortlist of vendors to focus on, make sure Microsoft is on the list. Squalio Microsoft Licensing Management provides a holistic view of the entire Microsoft estate, aggregates complex licensing metrics together, shows the compliance position, recommends changes, and can automate required changes.

Benefits of Microsoft License Management

Control over Microsoft estate and compliance situation.

Microsoft risk identification within typical licensing painpoints.

Cost reduction through potential Microsoft volume agreement true-up optimization.

Readiness for Microsoft audit – helping to build and validate Effective License Position (ELP).

Centralized up-to-date information about Microsoft products – purchased licenses and technical data.

Visibility over Microsoft cloud software like Office 365 and infrastructure.

Microsoft license management
project timeline

1st quarter


SQUALIO helps conducting technical implementation of solution, gather all the procurement documentation and create initial License Compliance Review (LCR).


  • Developed SAM goals.
  • SNOW solution is installed.
  • All agents are distributed.
  • Integration is set up with AD, virtualization solutions, Office 365 and Cloud infrastructure.
  • Access to the SNOW portal.
  • All the Microsoft licenses are collected and reperesented in SNOW License Manager.
  • Created and validated automatical ELP reports.
  • Initial legal risk assessment and recommendations.

2nd quarter


User onboarding through SNOW user and administrator training and licensing trainings. License optimization meeting is held to follow-up on compliance position and optimization.


  • SNOW user training.
  • SNOW administrator training.
  • Educating in Microsoft licensing rules.
  • Microsoft licensing optimization follow-up.

3rd quarter


SQUALIO helps to customize solution – adjust reports, define alerts. SQUALIO performs repeated License Compliance Review to evaluate changes from initial review and identify further steps.


  • Definition of product changes.
  • Product is customized in accordance to Client needs.
  • Repeated legal risks assessment with progress evaluation.

4th quarter


Building processes around SNOW software and license management through the software lifecycle. License optimization meeting is held to follow-up on  compliance position and optimization.


  • Assessment of current procedures and policies.
  • Establishing Microsoft license management policies.
  • Microsoft licensing optimization follow-up.
  • Evaluated goals, set-up of goals for year 2.

Competent recommendations in matters of Microsoft analysis and clear reasoning, made us able to make the right management decisions, and achieve a significant cost saving during the purchase process.

Alexander Kumsiashvili, CIO of Credo Bank

With full confidence we can say tha Squalio employs highly qualified stuff, which are eager to maximize compliance with the client's interests and provide tremendous efficiency of work.

Nikoloz Gamkrelidze,
CEO of Evex, Georgia Health Group

Squalio's deep knowledge in Microsoft products helped us to optimize the spending on licenses and understand our real needs.

Levan Kukava, Director of World Business Solutions
at Georgian Railway

Recommendations by qualified team made Microsoft licensing much more transparent and understandable for us.

Dimitry Dzirtkbilashvili,
Operation Director at GPI Holding

Ready to optimize?


Frequently met Microsoft licensing painpoints for businesses

  • Accurate installed product version, edition and licene requirement for commercial use;
  • Office 365 subscription plan optimization;
  • Usage information for expensive end user application like Office, Visio and Project. Usage collection in software component level;
  • License usage control in server session (RDS), desktop (VDI) and application virtualization scenarios;
  • License tracking for software with multi-platform and multi-version use rights;
  • Base license tracking for upgrade licenses;
  • Complete mapping of devices and users;
  • Datacenter licensing in virtualized and high-availibility, clustered infrastructure;
  • Client Access Licenses assessment and control;
  • Cloud infrastructure discovery in Azure and AWS;
  • Microsoft customers can download and install volume software with no limitations.

Why to choose Squalio?


Squalio is the only partner in Baltics owning SNOW Platinum certification and also is USU certified partner.


We are a European trusted player and deliver worldwide. Our services are done by best practice of industry privacy, transparency, security, and compliance statements.


Our experts in SAM, Licensing Optimisation and associated Software Services are delivering end to end software services and provide by default, what others provide as premium services