For organizations that want the benefits of Software Asset Management (SAM), including cost reductions and minimized compliance risks, but who don’t have the bandwidth or specialist skills on staff to manage a fully-fledged SAM program, there is an answer.

Squalio is qualified and equipped to deliver a range of Managed Services using most trusted and most valuable SAM platforms. With a SAM Managed Service, the customer is relieved of the need to install on-premise solutions or provide expert license management staff.

Squalio Managed Service includes:

  • Technical implementation & agent deployment
  • Working instructions & SAM full-cycle workshops
  • User support & inputting licensing repository data
  • Advanced Report creation & alert configuration



Snow License Manager provides a consolidated view on all assets across the cloud resources, systems and network, enabling staff to use just one interface to manage multiple deployment models, software vendors, device types and locations. It includes customizable Snowboards, with detailed analytics, drill down and filters to enable easy and quick access to data. Audit data can be imported from multiple inventory sources to cover the full range of platforms (Windows, OSX, Linux, Unix, iOS, Android and Windows Phone).


Unused cloud subscriptions and software installations are automatically identified, providing the ability to easily optimize license level, uninstall and harvest licenses. With immediate insight into the total investment, compliance risk and overspend for either a single application or a whole product family, decision makers can see the license optimization opportunities.


From Microsoft and Adobe desktop licensing to advanced IBM PVU, Oracle and SAP metrics, Snow License Manager supports optimization for the full range of commercial licensing models. As deployments models shift more to the cloud, maintaining compliance and optimization is critical for hybrid environments.


Snow License Manager provides transparency of license compliance for all software with the ability to build, support and enforce SAM policies to drive costs down. Whitelisting functionality dynamically manages the approved software and cloud subscription catalog. Additional blacklisting enables the organization to identify potentially harmful software and prohibited applications such as filesharing software and gaming. The native ability to discover and report application patch versions simplifies security management.


Full insight of what is driving software and cloud costs within the organization as well as financial risk in terms of noncompliance and non-optimized assets. Snow License Manager’s trending functionality of existing trends and usage patterns gives organizations powerful analytics to forecast future costs or renegotiate existing contracts.


It enables stakeholders to access the data they need to make the right decisions through the customizable reports, alerts and charts. Customized analytics enable decision makers from SAM practitioners to procurement, CIOs to CFOs, to solve for everything from compliance and audit defense, to optimization and cost reduction.


From the automatic import of audit data from multiple inventory tools to the dynamic processing of the organization’s Effective Licensing Position (ELP), Snow License Manager provides the highest levels of automation. A built-in SKU repository with advanced license intelligence simplifies data on import and registration of new and existing licenses removing time-consuming manual effort. The robust Software Recognition Service cloud library also automates discovery of cloud resources deployed.


Snow License Manager applies product use rights such as secondary use, upgrade and downgrade, virtualization use and cloud application duplicate rights to ensure existing entitlements are utilized to the maximum extent avoiding unnecessary overspend – a significant challenge in today’s multi-platform and multi-cloud environments.


Snow License Manager provides one central repository for all licenses and contracts, together with information of software and cloud usage, enabling the organization to be fully prepared when negotiating with vendors or during software vendor audits.

start your sam journey
with squalio workshops

SAM Strategy planning

Development of individual strategy plan based on company goals and discussion of best practice for SAM implementation and goals that need to be achieved. Outcome of the workshop is defined goal and created high-level action plan for next 12-month period with tasks and procedures that need to be implemented.

Product customization

Collecting information about business needs and product adjustments; delivering product technical session during which discusses goals that need to be achieved; presenting possible customization scenarios and technical description. Outcome of the workshop is high-level action plan for SNOW product customization.

License optimization

SQUALIO presents executive overview of license position based on the scanning data together with actual software usage data and provides recommendations to optimize current agreements, to solve licensing issues and licensing scenario comparison. Outcome – high-level action plan and recommendations.

Licensing training

SQUALIO delivers licensing training session for company employees, explaining general software licensing rules; key vendor licensing aspects based on products company is using; best practice of license management. Outcome of the workshop is licensing presentation materials and best practice guide.

Software lifecycle

Best practices of software lifecycle management according to international standards; discussing the goals need to be achieved and technical capabilities; helping to fill out software lifecycle policy template. Outcome – high-level action plan for software lifecycle management.

User training

SQUALIO provides deep training session for company employees about SNOW License Manager usage,  demonstrates SNOW  portal, alert and dashboard usage, report creation, customization and scheduling, license and agreement management, licensing scenario representation.

User training

Deep training session about SNOW module administration. During the workshop SQUALIO demonstrates SNOW product architecture, admin panel, configuration capabilities, Inventory administration, License Manager administration, Integration Connectors administration.


Training on SNOW GDPR module usage and capabilities – demonstrating available GDPR reporting, discussing goals that need to be achieved, SNOW License Manager usage for supporting GDPR. Outcome is high-level action plan for SNOW usage in supporting GDPR function.

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