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14 Nov

Staying ahead with Microsoft Copilot
Staying ahead in the ever-changing business world isn't just a choice – it's a MUST! Don't miss the chance to ... Veel

27 Jul

Security Essentials with GCP
Get all the latest insights on Security to help you transform/secure your business including: Google Cloud ... Veel

29 Jun

Šiose mokymo programose apžvelgsime „Microsoft 365“ produktus ir įrankius, kurių reikia norint efektyviai vald... Veel

15 Jun

Data and Identity protection in Microsoft 365
Designed specifically for in-house lawyers and Data Protection Officers (DPOs), this workshop will provide va... Veel

30 May

The future of corporate training: microlearning.
What exactly is microlearning? Why would microlearning be useful for a company? How to implement microlearning... Veel